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First Do-It-Yourself
Software For Cemeteries

Plot Boss helps you keep your records safe and organized. Manage your cemetery, “Like a Boss”. Our easy-to-use software can save you time and money

  • Track all information on graves, owners, interments, deeds, & work orders
  • Powerful tools to help you enter, upload & search records quickly
  • Access from anywhere, It’s safe in the cloud & backed up daily

Try it before you buy it!

 1. Signup today and start entering with your next interment. After signup you will be on the screen to start entering your first record, it’s that simple.

2. Add Features like work orders and deeds. These can auto-fill data, already entered into the system. You never have to write and rewrite repetitive information when you print these. 

3. Search for loved ones and find them with ease! No more cross-referencing through old file folders, outdated lot cards and degraded maps.

Check Out These Features!

Easy Data Entry

  • Fastest system to enter records in the industry
  • Eliminates double entry & hand writing


Work Orders

  • Track, manage & print with ease
  • Never loose another work order, they’re always connected to the grave
  • It sorts by status adding visibility and accountability


  • Create and print deeds for your graves
  • Conforms to your legal agreements, set it and forget it

Service Info

  • Stores all the information you record for funeral services
  • Day, time, place, clergy, director & more…

Activity Log

  • This ensures your system is always safe, you see every change
  • Shows all user activity, such as name and date changes

Detail Log

  • Track what is important to you per record, add your own fields
  • Reuse your details for things like liners, military service or endowments, really anything you want to track.

Safe & Secure

  • Backed up hourly 24/7/365
  • Multiple servers in multiple locations
  • Never loose your records from fire or flood

Grave Inventory Builder

  • Creates all your grave spaces without the need to hand key each one 
  • Builds a trustworthy inventory giving you a check and balance for your grounds 

Easy Grave Numbering

  • Supports any naming and numbering convention
  • Pre-loaded with the most common structures (Section, Lot, Grave)
  • Make any structure you want

Grave Plotting (coming soon)

  • Map your own cemetery
  • Easy DIY Tools walk you through building your maps online

Free Web Page

  • Allow your community to search for their loved ones
  • Updates live and automatically as you enter new graves
  • Restrict sensitive content

Unlimited Users

  • Your whole team can access and make changes at no extra cost

Import Data

  • Import existing digital files 
  • Save time and money 

Export Data

  • Download your data whenever you like
  • Plot Boss never holds your data hostage

The Easiest Cemetery Software Available!

There’s no easier way to digitize and automate your cemetery. Jump right in and try it for FREE today!

Enjoy Robust and Powerful Tools!

Finally, enjoy the same features that the big cemeteries use, at a fraction of the cost!

Everything You Need Is Right Here!

Cemetery records, reporting, and mapping. Plot Boss has it all.

Manage Your Cemetery “Like a Boss”!

Let our software work for you!

    Take Control of Your Daily Tasks!

    Record management. With one-click….
    You’ll be editing grave records, ownership, and funeral home info.

    Click again…You’ll be generating reports, deeds, and documents faster and easier than ever! What are you going to do with all your extra time?

    Try a FREE 30-day trial! >

    Digital Mapping Will Change Your Work Life!

    Every grave right at your fingertips
    Quickly and easily locate graves using any mobile device or computer. Check plot status and availability in a flash! Audit your data effortlessly. You will save tons of time and money! Never deal with cumbersome or outdated paper maps again!

    <!–Read more about mapping! >–>

    Your Cemetery Is Always

    With You!

    Stop running to the cemetery. It’s always on your phone, tablet, and computer!
    Have an after-hours genealogy request? Is a visitor searching for a loved one? Need to send out a work order to your crew? Complete these tasks in seconds from wherever you are – using any device or computer.

    Safe Storage! Thank You Cloud!

    Critical historical and community records are safe under your watch.
    Good-bye paper! All of your data is stored electronically in the Cloud. It’s backed-up throughout the day, stored at numerous locations, and protected by armed guards! You are protecting the legacy of your cemetery and the community. Well done!

    Get started today! >

    Cemetery, Meet Your Community!

    A website improves your connection to the public

    Allow the public to access data, connect, and learn about your cemetery! Post upcoming funerals and burials. Enable visitors to search for grave locations and records of loved ones. Generate new leads and revenue streams.

    Need More Muscle?

    When you are ready to grow, we have more tools!

    Plot Boss offers additional components to help you expand your services and capabilities.

    <!–See our awesome toolbox of extras! >–>


    Enjoy the easiest, most robust DIY cemetery software on the market.

    With Plot Boss, your office can now be fully digitized!

    And you can do-it-yourself!

    Be faster, more efficient, and highly organized to better serve your community and to protect your important historical records.


    Have a question you don’t see answered here? Send it to us!

    What happens to my data if I choose to stop using Plot Boss?

    You will always own your data. You can easily export your data out of PlotBoss into the CSV file format at-will

    Where is my data stored?

    Plot Boss stores your data in multiple data centers with best-in-class security in both the United States and Canada. We store your data in your home country; US clients in the United States, Canadian clients in Canada.

    What standards are in place to ensure the security of my data?

    Our data storage facilities include:

    • 24/7/365 on-site armed security team
    • Authentication mechanisms including biometrics
    • Multi-tier security zones
    • High perimeter walls
    • Motion detection monitoring systems

    Will my data be available for public searching?

    We do have options to make information publicly available through our additional website features Yes, but only the data that you want to be searchable, so you can accommodate public inquiries and searches for loved ones.

    None of my records are digital, what is the process and how long will it take to convert to Plot Boss?

    Have no fear! Plot Boss provides user-friendly, intuitive, and structured workflows to guide you through the data entry process. On average it takes less than one minute to enter and save an individual record into Plot Boss.

    Ready to get started?

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