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Plot Boss Essentials

Let Plot Boss do the
work for you!

Easy Data Entry

  • Fastest system to enter records in the industry
  • Eliminates double entry & hand writing


Service Info

  • Stores all the information you record for funeral services
  • Day, time, place, clergy, director & more…

Activity Log

  • Shows any user activity relating to the record such as field edits

Detail Log

  • Track what is important to you per record, add your own fields
  • Reuse your details for things like liners, military service or endowments, really anything you want to track.

Safe & Secure

  • Backed up hourly 24/7/365
  • Multiple servers in multiple locations
  • Never loose your records from fire or flood

$0 / 30 days

Plot Boss Essentials + Mapping

Enjoy all of the power of Plot Boss
Essentials + GPS digital mapping!

Grave Plotting

  • Map your own cemetery
  • Easy DIY Tools walk you through building your maps online

Mass Insert Graves

  • Creates all your grave spaces without the need to hand key each one 
  • Builds a trustworthy inventory giving you a check and balance for your grounds 

Easy Grave Numbering

  • Supports any naming and numbering convention
  • Pre-loaded with the most common structures (Section, Lot, Grave)
  • Make any structure you want

Free Web Page

  • Allow your community to search for their loved ones
  • Updates live and automatically as you enter new graves
  • Restrict sensitive content

Import Data

  • Import existing digital files 
  • Save time and money 

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